Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mail Week March 28 - April 1: 1 of 1 Inserts and Autos, Carter Exquisite and Jordans

I have been literally flooded with mails this month.

While I really like my March 21-25 mail week because of the rare Shaq 90's inserts, nice Dwight Howard autos and Kobe 2nd year inserts, my mails for the past week is not too shabby either because, finally, my Dwight Howard white whale has arrived.

Check out my mail week for March 28 - April 1.

The centerpiece is of course the card at the center, a 07-08 Topps Triple Threads Printing Plate Jersey Auto White Whale 1/1.

Next one I got is this cool rookie card of Dwight Howard that contains a beautiful piece of patch.

However, that same patch is the reason why this only got a BGS 6 grade (Excellent-Mint). You see, the thickness of the patch made creases at card's surface as shown in red circles below.

Nevertheless, it still is a beautiful card. In fact, I plan to acquire as many rookie cards of this kind as I can from now on. The card is serial numbered out of 350 so, there are still 349 out there.

On to the Michael Jordans.

I can't really afford an original rookie card so I just have to settle with the Michael Jordan 86-87 Fleer Rookie Card Reprint. Or fake if you want to be more technical.

Also to be added to my Jordan side PC are these hologram cards from 96-97 Collector's Choice. This is an oddball set I must say as they are released outside the US. Becket value for this Jordan's Journals set is $50.

I also happened to chance on this beautiful set from the same seller, southsidestore1 of eBay so I also bought it to take advantage of the combined shipping. This is a 95-96 Fleer Flair Perimeter Power set featuring the top 15 outside shooters during the early 90's including the likes of Reggie Miller, Scottie Pippen, Gary Payton, Anfernee Hardaway and Clyde Drexler.

For my Shaq PC is this 99-00 Black Diamond FINAL CUT parallel card serial numbered 001/100. Yes, the first card in the series so this is somewhat special. It also happens to be my first Shaq card  to have a 001/** serial number.

Just a side note, my Shaq card to feature the last number in a series is this: 1995 Classic Five Sport Hot Box Autographs 655/655!

 Speaking of special serial numbered cards, I was able to buy this lot at hobbykings composed of:

2003-04 UD Manu Ginobili Green Reflections #20/100 - Ginobili's jersey number
2009-10 Absolute Steve Nash Spectrum #1/25 - first card in the series
2009-10 Absolute A.J. Price Spectrum #25/25 - last card in the series
2009-10 Absolute Kevin Love FF #42/100 - Love's jersey number
2007-08 Stadium Club Jason Kidd jsy #280/499
2003-04 UD Reflections Jason Kidd Gold #47/50
2005-06 Finest Refractor Chris Bosh 323/349

What's even more special with the Ginobili and Love cards is that they are serial numbered to both player's respective jersey numbers.

Cards like this typically carry some premiums as they are considered as 1/1s by hardcore player collectors.

Last but not the least with this mail week is the redeemed card for a 09-10 Exquisite Collection Vince Carter Buyback auto.

I redeemed it last July 22, 2010 along with 2 Dwight Howards and 1 Chris Paul. So after 8 months, Carter finally signed but not Howard and Paul. :-(

So there you go. I hope you enjoyed my mails as much as I do.

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