Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mail Week March 21-25: Shaq RARE Inserts, Dwight Howard Autos and Kobe 2nd Year Inserts

I think this is one of my best mail weeks because I have added something to my Shaquille O'Neal and Dwight Howard main personal collections as well as to my Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan side PCs.

Check out my mail week from March 21 - 25, 2011.



Finally, I got my first Flair Legacy parallel card. This is from the first edition, the 96-97 one and is numbered 058 of 150. 

I also got the 97-98 Flair Row 0 card which makes my 97-98 Flair base set complete from Row 0 to Row 3. It is numbered 179 of 250. Check out my 97-98 Flair rainbow set.

The 95-96 Flair Hot Numbers is actually my second one. I decided to get multiple copies of this card because it is really beautiful and sells well. Good as a trade bait as well.

Thanks to irv*2010 of eBay for these beautiful cards.

The top card is a rookie-year card, 04-05 SP Signature Edition Rookies Incorporated. This is only graded as 8 due to an 8 grade on the edges and 7.5 on the corners. Still, the autograph is graded as 10 and is on-card. This is only RARE as only 100 cards were ever produced.

The bottom card is from 07-08 Topps Triple Threads which features 3 jersey swatches, one of which is a patch. The autograph is sticker but since this is pretty limited and is the first numbered (1/9), I will take it anytime.

Thanks to dhmhoops of eBay.

Bought this lot from kamino of NBA Cards Philippines primarily for the 2nd-year Kobe inserts.

The shiny Planet Metal insert is really beautiful to look at in person.

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