Friday, April 1, 2011

Michael Jordan 86-87 Fleer Rookie Card Reprint... Err, Fake

Michael Jordan is widely considered as the greatest basketball player ever.

It is therefore understandable that in the world of basketball sports cards, his rookie card, the 1986-87 Fleer #57 is considered as the "Holy Grail"; the most coveted card every fanatic wants to add to his collection.

However, it is also expensive as the ungraded ones usually sell for $200 - $500 and the graded ones, for way more.

Since I can't afford to sell my arms and legs just to have one, I just settled for the best alternative, the REPRINT. Or if you want to be technical, the FAKE.



I was able to purchase a 10-count lot off the bay. I will keep 5 for my side PC and 5 I will resell. This is included in my mail week for March 28 - April 1.



The copies above are exact replicas of the original. You can not even find the word REPRINT on the card at all. To the untrained eye, they could easily pass up as an original rookie card.

So, how can you determine if the one you're holding is an original or a fake?

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