Sunday, April 15, 2012

Michael Jordan 1993-94 Ultra Scoring Kings

Included in my April 6 mail day is the card widely considered by collectors as one of the best Jordan cards ever.

It's the 1993-94 Ultra Scoring Kings #5 Michael Jordan.

Along with the 1992-93 Fleer Team Leaders and 1992-93 Fleer Total D insert cards, they are the most desirable Jordan cards from the early 90s.

A Michael Jordan collection is incomplete without any of them. It's better if you have all three. I still need the Total D.

The 1993-94 Ultra Scoring Kings were randomly inserted into packs at a rate of one in 36. With 10 cards in the set, REAL odds of pulling this specific card is 1:360. This is a simple foil card that is so prone from chippings and surface imperfections compounded with its 20-year age that a BGS 9.5 / PSA 10 GEM MINT copy of this card regularly fetches $400 -  $600 on eBay!

A raw copy is selling for $60 - $130 on eBay. I'm not a grading expert but I think mine is a NEAR MINT-MINT+.

See how the lightning "flashes" when a light source is nearby. Beautiful eh?

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