Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vince Carter 09-10 Exquisite Collection Buyback Auto

Last July 22, 2010, I redeemed four redemption cards for 09-10 Exquisite Collection Buyback autos of Dwight Howard, Chril Paul and Vince Carter.

After the process, I was given a message to allow up to 12-16 weeks for delivery. That's 3-4 months which I find very long. However, I did not expect that it will be until 8 months later before I receive... not all cards but only one -- the Vince Carter.

Here it is, a 06-07 Exquisite Collection base card autographed and serial numbered to 02 out of 59 - not 25 as stated in the redemption.

This was included in last week's mail.



My two Dwight Howard and 1 Chris Paul buyback redemption are still unfulfilled though.

I wonder when will they sign.

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