Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mail Months April - May: Huge Lot of Shaq Rare Cards

These are what I have accumulated over the past two months of April and May for my Shaquille O'Neal collection.

Most of these are hard-to-find insert cards. As most of the player collectors who came to love the hobby in its  heydays in the early to mid-90's as high school or college students, I have long wanted these cards. But since my financial capability is next to zero at those times, I never got the chance to add them to my PC. Until now.

I divided the Shaqs I got into two groups. 

GROUP A - A Shaq collector from Hobbykings recently unloaded his collection and decided to focus on just the Exquisite Collection cards of Shaq. These are what I got from rambiboi who happens to be Filipino like me. Cards are listed chronologically.

92-93 Stadium Club Beam Team - this is one of Shaq's most iconic cards

93-94 Finest Refractor

95-96 Flair Hot Numbers - I really like this card. This is my third copy.

96-97 SP Game Film

96-97 Ultra Starring Role - acetate card

96-97 Flair Hot Shots

97-98 Hoops Hooperstars

97-98 SPx Holoview Heroes

98-99 Skybox Premium That's Jam - acetate card

98-99 Skybox Thunder Noyz Boyz

98-99 Metal Universe Linchpins

00-01 Fleer Ultra Thrillinium PLATINUM Parallel - serial numbered 019/100


00-01 Topps Gold Label NBA Finals Jersey HOME

00-01 Topps Stars NBA Finals Jersey AWAY

Altogether now!

GROUP B - These are assorted mails from eBay purchases and trades done at local and international sports cards forums. Cards are listed chronologically.

93-94 Finest AF Refractor - I now have the 93-94 Finest rainbow set!

95-96 Hoops Skyview Palette - I really like this card. Tough odds to pull at 1:480. Considering there are 10 players in this set, exact odds of pulling a specific player is 1:4800! This is my second and third copies.

95-96 Flair Hot Numbers - I really like this card. This is my fourth copy.

1996 Topps Stars Refractor Parallel

96-97 Ultra Starring Role - acetate card. This is my second copy.

96-97 Stadium Club Fusion - this is my second copy

96-97 Ultra Scoring Kings PLUS Parallel

97-98 Finest Bronze Finishers Refractor Parallel

97-98 Finest Bronze Masters Refractor Parallel

97-98 SPx SKY - this is my second copy

98-99 Skybox Premium That's Jam - acetate card graded PSA 10 GEM MINT!

05-06 Topps Chrome Refractor Parallel

08-09 Topps Hardwood Signatures - the only autographed card from this bunch. This is serial numbered 39/39! A 1/1? Haha, for me, yes.

This is my second Shaq last-numbered auto after last year's Shaquille O'Neal 1995 Classic Five Sport Hot Box Autographs 655/655!

08-09 Upper Deck MVP Game Souvenirs

Altogether now!

Thanks for looking!

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