Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shaquille O'Neal 93-94 Finest Rainbow Set

The 1993-94 Finest Basketball set is groundbreaking because it is the first premium basketball set.

Produced by Topps, it contains a total of 220 base cards and 40 subset cards of ten of the best players in each of the four divisions as follows: Atlantic (card # 90-99), Central (card # 100-109), Midwest (card # 110-119), and Pacific (card # 120-129). 

One of the best parallel sets ever, the REFRACTORS were first introduced at this product.

I finally got the refractor parallel cards of the two Shaquille O'Neal cards in this product - the #3 base card and the #99 AF subset card. They were included in my huge Shaq mail months for April and May.

Here's my Shaquille O'Neal 93-94 Finest Rainbow set:

The Shaq #3 base refractor card has an * and ! in the Beckett price guide which means that it is perceived to be in shorter supply than the other cards in the set (SP) and that it is condition-sensitive.

This is my second Finest rainbow set after the last year's 96-97 Finest edition.

NEXT TARGET:  Shaquille O'Neal 94-95 Finest Rainbow Set

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