Friday, March 25, 2011

Blake Griffin 09-10 Panini #301 RC BGS 9.5

Ever since Blake Griffin played his first NBA game after his rookie-year was virtually destroyed by an injury, his rookie cards have been skyrocketing to insane values.

I actually owned his Absolute, Court Kings and Crown Royale autographed rookie cards which I bought for way lower prices than current ones during the offseason. However, I traded/sold them at the start of the season when they were still affordable.

Now, I always feel like crying whenever I see similar cards being sold at eBay in the $150 - $250 range when I have bought them previously for only $25-$50.

As a super-rookie, I like to buy his rookie cards again. But since I can't afford the autographed ones now, I settle for the second-best, his graded rookie cards.

Here's my first one, a Blake Griffin 09-10 Panini #301 RC graded BGS 9.5. What I like about this card is that it features Griffin about to do what he does best, dunking.

I got this off the bay.

I hope to acquire more in the future.

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