Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kobe Bryant 96-97 Stadium Club Members Only 55 Graded BGS 9.5 UNPEELED

Another card has been added to my Kobe Bryant BGS 9.5 RC collection, the  96-97 Stadium Club Members Only 55 #52 FIN card.

Just like the 96-97 Finest RC I got, this one is also UNPEELED.

Yes, this one's tougher to grade than the usual and carries a premium than the more common peeled BGS 9.5 that are being sold. 

A Finest peel is usually considered as part of the card's surface and is usually prone to peeling, scratches and bubbles, so this one is special.

This is also one of Kobe's RAREST rookie-year cards as you can't get it in packs and was only available as part of an exclusive 55-card boxed set only given to members of the Topps Club. The five Topps Rookie player cards (51-55) represent the top players from the 1996-97 NBA season and are all given a special Finest style foil coating.

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