Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mail Week December 5 - 9: Kobe Premium Players, Jordan Hoops High Voltage, etc.

Here are my recent acquisitions for my Shaquille O'Neal main PC as well as for my Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant side PCs.

Check out my mail week December 5 - 9.

Just click on the image for a larger view.

These are the Kobes I acquired:

The best card from above would be the 1997-98 SkyBox Premium Premium Players. Odds of getting a Premium Players card is 1:192. However, with 15 players in the set, real odds to get this one is 1:2,880. 

This one below is not shabby either. Kobe's 1997-98 Finest GOLD Embossed - odds of 1:96; with 106 players in the set, real odds to get this one is 1:10,176. 

Below are the Jordans I got:

The uppermost cards are part of the 1994-95 Competitive Images Artistic Promotions America's Sports Artist Tour set.

This 8-card set is created to promote the Art Exhibit Tour of Competitive Images featuring its top sports artists from January 1994 to January 1995.  This is a VERY HARD TO FIND set with novelty value for player completist collectors.

Among the mainstream Jordan cards, of note are the 97-98 Hoops High Voltage, 96-97 Hoops Superfeats and 96-97 Topps Mystery Finest Borderless REFRACTOR Super Teams.

Odds of getting a High Voltage card is 1:36. However, with 20 players in the set, real odds to get this one is 1:720. 


Odds of getting a Superfeats card is 1:36. However, with 10 players in the set, real odds to get this one is 1:360.  

This card is part of a set which can be redeemed if you have an NBA Finals Super Team card of Chicago or San Antonio. This is similar in design to the regular Bordered Refractors issued in 1996-97 Topps series two. The cards differ by having a "Super Team Champion" logo on the card front.

This card's value base on the Beckett Price Guide is $50 as opposed to the regular one which is $150.

For the Shaqs, got these two cards, a 09-10 Classics Classic Combos regular card and its PLATINUM parallel version which has a serial number of 18/25. 

The bottom two cards are Borderless Refractors parallel version from the 1995-96 Finest Mystery. They are randomly inserted into first and second series hobby packs at a rate of one in 96 and retail at one in 80. With 44 cards in the set, odds of pulling a specific Scottie Pippen or Grant Hill card is a staggering 1:4,224!

Both are for trade or for sale by the way.

I got these cards from various sources, eBay, Hobbykings, SCF, Ozcard and NBA Cards PH.

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