Monday, August 2, 2010

08-09 Topps Signature Box Break

Last July 1, 2010,  I bought one box of 08-09 Topps Signature along with three other unopened basketball boxes from Dave and Adam's Card World.

A box of 08-09 Topps Signature contains 8 packs. Each pack contains 4 cards.

Each pack is guaranteed to contain one autographed card.

These are what I got:

5 rookie cards
* Eric Gordon #d/2325
* Javalee McGee #d/2325
* Joey Dorsey #d/2325
* Courtney Lee white border parallel #d/289
* Danilo Gallinari red border parallel #d/869

eight autographed cards:
* Thaddeus Young
* Gilbert Arenas
* Gabe Pruitt
* Marcus Williams
* Otis Birdsong
* Daequan Cook
* Donte Greene

and the box hit:

* Bill Russell!

VERDICT: ********** 10 out of 10 stars!

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