Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Trading Cards Photobucket

Photobucket has been of great help to us collectors.

With its ease of use and beautiful interface, we can upload pictures and scans of our trading cards.

In this world where face to face trading is a thing of the past and online trading  is the norm, photobucket albums serve as virtual binders of our collection for others to see and browse.

It's use has become so prevalent that the acronym PCMB (stands for please check my bucket) already entered the collecting world lingo.

If you want to trade or buy cards from me or want to browse my collections, please check the photobucket links below:

My Collections

* Shaquille O'Neal - all kinds: base cards, autographs, game-used cards, etc.

* Dwight Howard - autographed, game-used and rookie cards only

* Auto Focus glass autographs

Side PC

* Kobe Bryant - rookie cards and hard to find insert cards only

* Michael Jordan - hard to find insert cards only

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